Filipe Veiga

Filipe Veiga

Postdoctoral Associate

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Filipe Veiga

I am Postdoctoral Associate at the Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence Lab at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology working with Prof. Edward Adelson in the development and usage of GelSight fingertip sensors for improving the dexterous manipulation skills of robots. I am interested in exploring biomimetic control approaches in conjunction with state of the art machine learning in order to learn real time state estimation and control systems.

Prior to my current position, I obtained a PhD in Machine Learning and Robotics from the Technische Universitaet Darmstadt under the supervision of Prof. Jan Peters after I got my Master Degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Instituto Superior Técnico under the supervision of Prof.Alexandre Bernardino and Prof.José Santos-Victor.


  • Robotics
  • Robot Grasping
  • In-Hand Manipulation
  • Tactile Sensing
  • Biomimetic Control
  • Reinforcement Learning


  • Postdoctoral Associate

    Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Ongoing

  • PhD in Machine Learning and Robotics

    Technische Universität Darmstadt, 2018

  • MSc in Electrical and Computer Engineering

    Instituto Superior Técnico, 2012

Recent Publications

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Grip Stabilization through Independent Finger Tactile Feedback Control

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